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Getting your body moving with physical activity is one of the best ways to improve your body’s health, boost your mood, and prevent diseases. The beautiful thing about exercise is that there are so many ways to push your body and improve your life. While choosing to lift weights or complete high-intensity circuits are great ways to get a fantastic workout, another great way to give your body exercise is to engage in endurance workouts. Going for long runs or bike rides or swimming long distances to build your endurance can do wonders for your long-term cardiovascular health. Committing to longer workouts can be a challenge, but using certain nutritional supplements can help you perform at your highest potential.


One of the biggest challenges to expect during endurance workouts is muscle fatigue. When you are in the middle of putting your muscles under stress, your body produces and accumulates hydrogen ions, which contribute to lowering your pH levels and fatigue. Beta-Alanine is an amino acid derivative that supports your body’s ability to inhibit hydrogen ion buildup, ultimately delaying fatigue.

Sodium Phosphate

This supplement is also often used as a natural preservative for meats but has been shown to offer performance enhancing properties for endurance athletes. Sodium Phosphate supports your body’s red blood cells in the process of delivering oxygen to muscles that are in action. This helps to give your muscles more time before they begin to feel exhausted, allowing you to keep going for a little longer.


Using caffeine to boost exercise performance has been a practice of endurance athletes for a while. Caffeine provides a notable boost in energy and mood and reduces the perception of effort, meaning you get both physical and mental benefits from using caffeine for endurance workouts. For the best results when you use caffeine, consume a dose of caffeine roughly an hour before you intend to begin your workout.


This amino acid gives your body a boost in a variety of ways. L-Taurine has been known to be an antioxidant, helping reduce inflammation while improving cardiovascular health. L-Taurine also plays a role in heart contraction as well, making it a useful supplement for experiencing smoother cardiovascular functioning. Using this supplement has been found to increase exercise time to exhaustion, meaning this supplement can help you go the extra distance before you become fatigued. L-Taurine has also been linked to more efficient fat-burning, helping you shed your extra pounds faster.

There’s no replacement for determination and discipline when it comes to sticking to your endurance workout routines, but experimenting with these supplements and finding solutions that work for you could help you make the progress you are looking for.