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Nutrition: Best Vegan Sources of Protein

Nutrition: Best Vegan Sources of Protein

When you are putting in hard work at the gym, your muscles will break down as you intentionally put stress on them during your workouts. Most people know that protein is the essential nutrient needed to help your muscles build back up after your workouts and for you to see progress. Not to mention, it’s just an essential nutrient your body needs to function at all. While a lot of people rely on eating meat, or other animal-based products, to get a sufficient amount of protein in their diet, some people may find it a struggle to find other sources of protein. For gym-goers who are trying to cut down on their meat intake, or who are switching to a vegetarian or vegan diet, there are plenty of purely plant-based sources of food that can supply plenty of protein to help you see the progress you want.

Beans and Chickpeas

Most varieties of beans, including black beans, pinto beans, and garbanzo beans, also known as chickpeas, are high in protein content. They are also incredibly easy to integrate into the meals you make for your weekly meal-prepping routine. Beans typically contain around 15 grams of protein per cup, along with plenty of fiber, complex carbs, and potassium. Eating a diet rich in beans has been shown to help reduce blood pressure, cholesterol levels, and help regulate blood sugar.

Nutritional Yeast

Served as a powder or in flakes, nutritional yeast is a popular addition to various forms of vegetarian and vegan dishes. It is often described as having a “cheesy” flavor, making it a good addition to dishes such as potatoes, pasta, or beans. A little bit of nutritional yeast goes a long way, providing 14 grams of protein and 7 grams of fiber per one ounce serving. Nutritional yeast is also a good source of B vitamins and magnesium.


This powder is derived from blue-green algae and very flexible in terms of how you can integrate it into your diet. The complete protein provides 8 grams of protein with just two tablespoons while also providing a lot of other essential nutrients, such as iron, copper, and magnesium. Spirulina is also a good source of antioxidants and fatty acids, providing anti-inflammatory and brain health benefits. Spirulina is a perfect addition to your protein or nutrition shake mix, providing an excellent source of plant-based protein while blending into your drink mix seamlessly.

Making the progress you want in the gym while eating a plant-based diet can be easier than it sounds by making the right food choices. From delicious additions to your meals to protein supplements for your Protein mix using your Helimix shaker bottle. there are plenty of possibilities to maintain a plant-based diet while meeting your goals at the gym.