The role of nutrition is central to performance, both in everyday life and in the gym. The usable energy and benefits we are able to gain from what we eat all comes down to the process of digestion. Unfortunately, the prominence of highly processed foods in America makes it somewhat challenging to find foods that our bodies can digest optimally. Even if you put a lot of effort into eating naturally, you still may find benefits from making use of supplements to help with digestion to get the most out of your food. Here are a few examples to try out.

Papaya/Pineapple Enzymes

Supplements derived from papayas or pineapples contain enzymes that help the body break down certain foods for better energy use. You will want to make sure your supplements contain protease, used to digest protein, and lipase, used to digest fats. Most enzymes supplements will have multiple enzymes in one tablet or capsule, however not all do so pay close attention to the labels.


The digestive system makes use of healthy bacteria to digest food and absorb helpful nutrients. These levels aren’t always stable and sometimes need a boost. Taking probiotic supplements can help regulate the levels of bacteria in the digestive system, allowing for more consistent, effective digestion, resulting in more energy.


Conversely, problems can occur when the digestive system is intruded by high levels of unfriendly types of bacteria. L-Glutamine is a supplement that is derived from chemicals occurring naturally in the body to help stabilize bacteria that can be harmful to digestion. The result of these levels being regulated are better digestion and more energy. Excess stress can throw off healthy digestion, leading to diarrhea and gastrointestinal upset. Taking L-Glutamine can help relieve these symptoms as well.

Vitamin A

The digestive system uses mucosal tissues to secrete compounds that absorb the nutrients out of food and keep the food moving along in the process. Vitamin A plays a crucial role in keeping these functions intact and working properly. Receiving adequate levels of Vitamin A will help your digestive system working smoothly, allowing you maximize the energy from your food intake.