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$24.95 (US)

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Version 2.0 now with a new, more user-friendly lid. Seals tight with a loud snap. Once you get ahold of this thing you'll feel the Made in USA difference. As the leading innovation in shaker cup technology, Helimix is produced with Copolyester BPA/BPS-free Plastic. Helimix’s hexagonal design acts as a vortex, blending your ingredients to perfection without any extra pieces rattling around inside. The odor-resistant bottle is 100% American-made, ensuring that you are receiving a product that is both safe and of superior quality. 28 ounce volume. 

  1. Made in the USA
  2. No Whisks, No Screens, No Clumps
  3. BPA/BPS-free Plastic
  4. Top Rack Dishwasher Safe
  5. Odor Resistant


1) Are the Helimix Shaker Products manufactured in USA?
A: Yes, all the way down to the packaging.

2) What does BPA/BPS free plastic mean?
A: It means it contains no such chemicals.

3) Does protein mix/food get stuck to the bottom?
A: Always add liquid first before adding supplements and nothing will stick to the bottom.

Why Helimix

No whisks, No screens, No clumps
Odor resistant
Top Rack Dishwasher Safe


Made in USA
Patented Technology

Customer Reviews

Based on 2876 reviews

My bottle broke after a couple months of use. With the warranty I was able to get it replaced without any issues. Thanks to Dody for helping out.

Zohaib Sheikh

Got my new shaker after my old one broke, no problem!

Customer Service

I've had my bottle for maybe a year & it cracked, in 2 separate places. I sent an email with pictures and invoice information and a brand new cup was sent out to me in no time. Very understanding staff member that I was in contact with, Dody was amazing! I will always support this company and the shakers. Love you guys!

Malisa Leonard
Customer service

Great customer service! We have been loving Helimix bottles. My son had 2 separate incidents where his bottle was dropped on the floor and cracked. After I reached out to see how to prevent this they sent 2 replacements and were open to suggest for more durability.

Free Broken Replacement

I broke my bottle by accident, first time ever in two years of using helimix bottles. Sent a quick email with the photos and a receipt/order number attached, boom a new one is on its way for free. Great company!

Aidan Ferguson
Amazing Customer Service

Love the shaker cup. And love the customer service even more. I recently broke mine do decided to send an email and Phil quickly responded and sent me a new one.