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In the early stages of product development, the founders of Helimix knew they wanted to manufacture with durable, safe, superior materials. It wasn’t long before they decided that Tritan Plastic would be their most reliable, simplistic decision yet.

Tritan the Indestructable

It looks like glass but will not break when dropped — and we know that, at some point in time, it will be dropped. Fear not mother of three. Rest assured gym owner and personal trainer. Products made with Tritan Plastic can be thrown to the bottom of a gym bag or backpack without the worry of dents, cracks or scratches.

Effortless Washing

Tumblers and reusable cups are lightweight and convenient, but there is the ongoing issue of cleaning these suckers. Many plastics claim to be dishwasher safe, but after the green light flickers off and the steam pours out, a new and not so improved ‘foggy’ version of our favorite cup emerges from the top rack. Yes, hand washing is one way to avoid this problem, but with Tritan Plastic, we can reclaim those precious minutes of our busy lives.

Tritan Plastic is truly a dishwasher safe material. Go ahead, wash away, and do it without a heavy conscious because when you open that dishwasher you will be greeted with a beautifully clear product time and time again.

Beyond the BPA

Tritan Plastic is a BPA/BPS-free product and has been confirmed as such through third-party laboratory testings. Over a decade ago, people became aware of certain chemicals being used in the manufacture of plastic products and began avoiding them like the plague. Tritan Plastic, however, does its due diligence to steers clear from any and all bisphenols.

Engineered to be better. Better than glass. Better than stainless. Better than any other plastic. Tritan Plastic — see how it’s making waves amongst our superior products.